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Experience the Deep Root Irrigation advantage...Increase crop yields while reducing water usage by as much as 50%.











World Ag Expo names Deep Root Irrigation's DRI-12 as one of The Top 10 new Products for 2015!!!

Deep Root Irrigation Devices:
U.S. Pat. No. 8,381,437 and Other Patents Pending
Deep Root Irrigation



Simply a better way to water...


 The DRI system comes in four sizes:

1.) The DRI-3 is used for potted plants and garden applications.

2.) The DRI-6 is used for all shrubs and bushes.

3.) The DRI-12 is used for all vines and tree crops. From Large Ag applications to backyard landscaping.

4.) The DRI-18 is used for large "Heritage" shade trees.


Let your Crop Advisor or Landscaper know about Deep Root Irrigation's DRI system. We'd love to have the chance to discuss how the DRI system can benefit your crops or landscape investment.


Note the difference in the deep root irrigated vine on the right as compared to the drip irrigated vine on the left!!


The DRI system is an easy, affordable, long term way for you to make a real impact on the health of your plants and your business.


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