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What you can expect from Deep Root Irrigation!

Deep Root Irrigation Technology provides a DIRECT DELIVERY alternative to Drip, spray, and flooding technologies.'s a long and boring list of benefits, but while you're here...take a look! You'll be glad you did!!
(Besides what's so boring about saving a lot of money?!?)


1. SAVES WATER: By DIRECT DELIVERY of water to the root, unlike surface watering systems that lose enormous amounts of water to run-off and evaporation.


2. AFFORDABLE: Call us for volume pricing discounts at 707-965-9313.


3. EASY TO INSTALL: Each unit takes an average of 30 - 60 seconds to install.


4. CONNECTS TO YOUR EXISTING EMTTER: So you don’t have to replace any parts! The DRI-12 is a simple addition to what you already have.


5. PROMOTES DOWNWARD ROOT GROWTH: This improves the plants resistance to drought and disease. Drip systems can encourage J-root and shallow root development making the vine or tree more vulnerable.


6. REDUCES MINERAL BUILD-UP ON EMITTERS: Warm air flowing around drip emitters causes water loss to evaporation. This process results in a calcification build up causing clogging. The DRI-12 seals, contains and directs water to the root zone without air interference.


7. ALLOWS YOU TO DIRECT LIQUID FERTILIZERS TO THE ROOT ZONE: This minimizes the loss of fertilizers to run-off and displacement.


8. REDUCES WEED GROWTH: Because the DRI unit goes directly into the ground it will not provide an easy source of food and water for pests as do drip systems.


9. ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF THE DRI design: Besides saving water, the DRI unit considerably reduces the amount of fertilizers entering our rivers and streams as a result of run-off from surface watering systems. The DRI design also  lessens the impact of toxins in our waterways because of its controlled underground delivery.


10. ECONOMIC BENEFITS OF THE DRI design: A Napa Valley area vineyard recently lost 2,500 vines on their hillside vineyard due to drought and an inefficient surface watering system. That kind of crop loss is happening all over the globe. DRI increases revenues by preventing losses such as this.


Still awake?!?....I knew you would be!!...In fact, I bet now you know how DRI will benefit you this year as compared to costs and profits of previous years!


Experience an increase in your yields and profits with the DRI system! Contact us now!




Deep Root Irrigation
    Global Drought
          It won't beat us ! 

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