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About DRI

DRI's innovative and patented Deep Root Irrigation design reduces irrigation cost, saves water and increases crop yields!
Our Company

Jeff Ciudaj (left) is the Founder and Manager of Deep Root Irrigation LLC and Jason Ciudaj (right) is the Production Manager.

Jeff and his partners are actively involved in creating Innovative solutions for the world's water management requirements.

DRI products have undergone years of product testing prior to their market introduction in 2014. You can be assured that they meet the rigorous demands of your Agricultural and Commercial landscaping applications.


Global Drought conditions and lowering water tables are causing all of us to re-think our irrigation strategies.We look forward to working with you as you develop your water use strategy toward greater crop yields in 2018!

Environment & Sustainability

DRI Products reduce water waste by as much as 50% because there is virtually no run-off when using this direct delivery technology. Deep root irrigation is environmentally friendly because the fertilizers are delivered below ground mitigating their introduction to nearby rivers,lakes and streams.

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